Notification Help Needed


Hi all,

Like many others, I have tried many task managers and just bought GoodTask for IOS yesterday and so far I'm very pleased.

I am having a few issues that I could use help with.

gear - iPhone 8 - iPad both ios 13.3 - macbook mojave 10.14.6

Note - I deliberately did not upgrade Apple reminders on IOS since it said that it would not sync with Mohave.

Notification settings on both ios devices set GoodTask to show on:
Lock screen - Notification center and set to banners either temporary or persistent.

Yesterday, I created a bunch of demo tasks with notifications so I could test out the functionality.

The basic process was to use Siri and say

  • remind me in one minute to do xxx.

  • this would default to my apple reminders inbox

  • then GoodTask would add that to the goodtask inbox automatically

  • the GoodTask auto snooze notifications were set to every minute 5 times

  • then if I let the phone sleep the good task notifications would show on the lock screen and Notification center

  • but now the Notification results are inconsistent.

  • this AM - on iPad I set a new demo message for a few minutes ahead and the phone did not notify while in sleep mode on the lock screen.

  • So I opened the phone and GoodTask seemed to NOT read the item from reminders inbox - like the sync had stopped or something

  • yesterday I probably hit the limit for notifications. Can somebody describe the details of limits? - I ended up deleting many of the test messages and currently have auto snooze said to just one or two Times so how does that affect the limits?

  • right now I'm not getting any notifications on either device for GoodTask. I am getting all the notifications for Apple reminders however. Yesterday both were coming in.

Q: how can I fix this and get GoodTask notifications working as expected?

Q: Does GoodTask have to be running in the background to be able to update and do Notification correctly? I also have Due App and it does need to be active to update...

Thanks in advance for your help – Dave


Hi @Dave, thanks for using GoodTask.

  • As you said, GoodTask needs to run in background to fetch changes if it's made on other devices.
  • Background refresh runs as frequently as 10 minutes to just once per day and this is determined by iOS
  • If Background App Refresh has ran or you have gone into the app, upcoming notifications should come in.
  • If notifications doesn't come in at all, try restarting the device once.
  • There are limits to setting notifications at once but it should normally won't matter in normal use cases.



Thanks for the info.