Offset not working

I'm using GoodTask on my Mac. When I create a recurring task and choose Offset - Weekend Previous, it does not work. For example, I created a task "Pay Bill" on the 5th of August, a Wednesday. I made it recurring and choose Offset - Weekend Previous. When Sept. came around the task was still on Sept. 5, a weekend, instead of Sept. 4. How can I correct this?

Thank you.

Hi @AMS, thanks for using GoodTask.

If you set 'Offset - Weekend previous', it'll always be weekend. If you want it to be in weekdays, you need to choose 'Weekdays'.

This is how it works.

  1. It calculates next recurring date.
  2. If you have offset selected, it'll check if it's weekday or weekend. If it's same, it won't do anything. If it's different, it'll look through the selected offset to previous or next direction as you selected.


OK, thank you. I was thinking about it backwards, i.e., if it's a Weekend, select previous weekday.

One last question: Only the upcoming month's recurring task shows up in the list or calendar. It doesn't show up in future months until the task is checked as completed. Is there a way to have recurring tasks show up in all future months?

Thanks again.

Unfortunately it can't be shown. This is due to how recurring tasks work. They are made upon recurrence rules at the point it is completed. It's not generated until it gets completed.