Order calendar events in lists

I know I can get the calendar events on the top of a list, but I’d like to use it like it was part of the same category, for example:
I have a list for the next days and it shows something like this:

  • 10/03 = somebody’s birthday from calendars
  • 10/01 = some task
  • 10/04 = some other task
    I’d like to get the birthday calendar event to go between the two tasks so it stays in order, not considering some kind of priority on the calendar events.
    Is there any way it can be done? If not, maybe in a future update? Thanks!
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In Settings > Sort, you can decide whether you want the calendar events shown separately or on their actual date. Sorry, if this is not want you meant. Cheers.

Edit: I think they will still be separated from the tasks on each day though.


This is a must for me. I am looking for a new to-do list manager, and I really want one that can show both calendar events and tasks chronologically in one list. I am currently using a task manager that does this, but it has other issues, so I am looking for a replacement. GT seems good, but I don't know if I can live without this feature.

I found out how to do it, and it seems it’s been a part of the app for a while and I never knew about it.
Open the GoodTask app and go to the settings;
Open the “Sort” tab;
“Separate calendar events” and switch it to “Off”
And that’s it!
Amazing how this app is extremely customizable.
I hope that solves your problem, mate!

Whoa...that's it! Thanks so much. I may have found my new task manager!