Planning issues

Hello over there,

I started using GoodTask a couple of days ago to try to eliminate my other task manager. But I have my workflow "engrained".

2 things I encounter that bother me right now are:

  • Giving a task only an start date (defer date): I have tasks that I want to enter that can only start at a certain day. No use to start it sooner. But that task has no due date. I use due date only if it is really necessary. The only way I found until know to enter an start date is to first give the task a due date and then defining a start date. The trouble is that, when I delete the due date in the task form, the start date is eliminated as well. Or am I doing wrong.

  • In case I can only give a start date to a task, how can I filter on the start date. In the "add filter" I can't find rules for filtering only start dates. Only due dates (it seems to me). For planning issues I would like to use a filter no star date AND no due date. These tasks are the ones that I entered in my system not to forget them and in my weekly review I go over them to plan them.

Would be nice to get some support on these issues because they are "deal breakers" before buying or supporting the application. What I see in the app so far I like a lot, but I want the app to adapt to my workflow.

Hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,

Hi @Faffifournik, thanks for the feedback.

Since GoodTask is made upon default Reminders app's database, start date is not supported fully like other properties.

Start date and due date is handled identically in Reminders and it brings some weird behavior when GoodTask tries to manage it separately.

I'm keeping this on the list to enhance but other things are higher on the list at the moment.

Thanks again and I wish you good luck!