Pop Up alternative to Switch


As I move more and more things into GoodTask, I am finding my quick actions filling up quickly. I have a number of partners I have to track projects for, and, lacking an easy way to tie projects and tasks together I started by creating a list for each partner or customer. That rapidly became unmanageable, both for the sheer number of lists and for running into Apple limits.

My next step has been to reduce it to a Partners List, and use the sort by tag for the majority of partners with a few smart lists for key partners. This is working much better, but it means I have a quick action to tag each entry with the partner name in addition to my other quick entries. It would be nice to have a pop-up list as an alternative to a switch which would let me group several items together and pop up the selection when I pick one. This could be not only for tags, but also for things like dates (I have M T W Th Fr Sa Su tags to assign things quickly to that day for example. With pop-ups, those could be consolidated to one button.

Just food for thought.


Thanks for the awesome feedback, @denrael . :slight_smile:

Yes, these kind of improvements will be considered when Quick Action gets revised in the future. There are other things that's ahead of it to be updated first but Quick Actions will get better too as updates come.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I just brain dump as they occur to me. Please don't think of them as criticism however. Still love this more than any of the others

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It's perfectly fine. I love suggestions in any form especially when it's toward improving the app experience. Thanks! :smile: