Populate quick add dialog

I can open the add window with goodtask3://openadd - is it also possible to populate the quick add window with information (e.g. title, list etc)?

Hi @mdbraber,

It's not documented but actually it's possible. You can use below variables.

  • taskTitle : title of a task
  • list : title of a list
  • notes

For example, goodtask3://openadd?taskTitle=hello


Excellent - thanks! I also noticed prio is working as well. Other e.g. due isn't working. Is that indeed missing or is it also possible to (pre)set the due date?

Since this is made to use internally, it’s not user friendly. There are dueDate, dueTime, dueAfter parameters. dueDate is a relative number and dueTime is HH:mm format. dueAfter is minutes after current time.


Awesome. No problem it's not 'friendly' it's a URL action, so it's mostly set and forget :slight_smile: