Printing Capabilities

Is there a way to print a SmartList; for example the Today SmartList. I would find this helpful as I could then print and have 1 piece of paper that contains my reminders and that I can jot notes on as I work through the day as things pop up.

If there is no such capability then can it please be added?

Thank you!

Hi @Joel, thanks for the feedback. You can print in any list/view and it should print the tasks on that page. You can tap 'More' button on top right, choose 'Share list' and select Print. It may be longer than a page though. Thanks!

Apologies, I missed that!

Will pay more attention next time.


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I am back, this time with a real request.

Can you please add an option to print / no print the "notes" content of a reminder. The reason I ask is that I use GoodTask to keep a historical log of conversations, progress, etc. and the notes can become rather larger. The result is that I want to print simply the reminders (i.e., the items that need to get done) I get a 5+ page printout rather than the ne page printout that I am looking for.


Hi @Joel, if you set 'Task Display' to hide notes, printing page will also hide notes. Thanks!

Apologies, where is that setting in the macOS version?

Would it be possible to add it to this window?

It’s inside ‘Appearance - Task display’. You can make custom ones and set it per list if needed. Thanks!

Noted with thanks...