Problems with simultaneous use on MacBook and iPhone

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I started using the app together on my MacBook and iPhone. Faced the following problems:

  1. If you snooze a reminder via notification on your MacBook, the Alert Time doesn't change automatically when you change the Due Time for this reminder via iPhone. The old value remains. This happens until you delete Alert Time and manually set It to the same value as Due Time (it doesn't matter on which device).

  2. If you do something with a reminder via a notification on your MacBook (snooze or complete), the notification will remain in the notification center on your iPhone. If, on the contrary, you do something with the reminder via a notification on your iPhone (snooze or complete), then the notification will disappear on your MacBook after a short time (4-5 seconds).

P.S. Is it normal that are no notifications about calendar events on any device?

Hi @zzonderr, thanks for the feedback.

  1. I'm aware of this issue. This happens because due time and alert difference is kept when you try to edit them. It remains same if you snooze and then complete it without editing them. It's made that way to keep the intended difference but may need some refinement.

  2. Mac is more capable of reading changes in the background. Unfortunately iOS doesn't work like Mac at the moment. It may go away if you give some more time but sometimes it may not.

Notifications for calendar events are not supported. :cry:


Thanks for you answer!

  1. Could you please add a setting that, when enabled, always changed the Alert Time after changing the Due Time (assigned a value from the Due Time).
    There have already been two cases when I snoozed several reminders for 1 hour on a MacBook and after 20-40 minutes on an iPhone changed the Due Date for a couple of days in advance and was extremely surprised when I received a notification about these reminders after 40-20 minutes.

  2. An additional problem is that even after launching the app on the iPhone, notifications do not disappear. Is it also problematic to delete expired notifications after launching the app?

  3. Are you planning to add notifications about calendar events? :innocent:

  1. I'll consider it.
  2. Normally it should disappear automatically.
  3. Not in near future.


  1. Thanks! :blush:
  2. Rechecked, yes indeed notifications disappear but only after minimizing the application. Very rarely, notifications remain but disappear after reopening and minimizing. By what logic this happens, I do not understand. :thinking:
  3. Then let's hope and wait :slightly_smiling_face:
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