Provide an option for "nag me" as a notification alarm option

Please provide an option for "nag me" as a notification alarm option. 5 alarms every 5 minutes is not enough for me! Need this option for drug intake. When I forget the intake I have a big problem! Have made this request before.

Hi @shihtzu, thanks for the feedback. There is a limit of notifications per app that can be set on iOS. To keep the balance in various use cases, it's made this way. I'll keep an eye on the changes but in current circumstances, it's hard to change how it behaves.

If that action is critical, I recommend you to use apps like Due for that purpose. Thanks!

I just switched from Due to GoodTask because GT is such a great app with many more options, except for this "nag me" option.To use 2 reminder apps next to each other again, I don't think it's that great.
I would therefore really appreciate it if you could /would implement this option.
Thanks in advance!

I'll keep it on the list to consider and will see how iOS evolves in the future. Thanks!