Quick Action with "snooze" behavior?

As best I can tell, when I snooze a notification, (Say for 30 minutes), it postpones and resets an alert time for the stated duration (in this case, 30 minutes), from WHATEVER THE CURRENT TIME IS. So, say that the due date/alert date was originally 9:30am, and the notification pops up at 9:30am and stays on my screen for 45 mins. It's now 10:15am. I finally get around to acting on the notification, but I am not quite ready to do the task. So I long press the notification, and hit "Snooze - 30 minutes." Now, the alert is essentially rescheduled for 10:45am and will re-fire then.

I would like a quick action that does the same thing, in my regular task list view, without waiting on a notification. I thought "Alert Date" and "Relative Time" (+30 min) would do it, but it appears that only edits the alert time 30 minutes forward from the ORIGINAL alert time (in this case, 9:30am) --- so, hitting that would adjust the alert time to 10:00am, which doesn't help me if it's already 10:15am.

So, again, what I would like is a quick action that adjusts the alert time to relative minutes/hours from RIGHT NOW, rather than from the original scheduled alert time.


P.S. I know there is a "Now" function for changing the DUE DATE, from which I could then add minutes/hours, etc., but I was hoping to have a quick action that left the due date lone, and only changed the ALERT date.

Thanks for the feedback. You're right. Currently 'relative date' type for alert quick action changes date and time from existing one if it's due today. I'll consider adding snooze as another action. Thanks!

While I’m at it, I would love more than three snooze options on the notifications? Would that be possible in a future update?

I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!