Reminders maximum changes allowed?


Apple Reminders: A few years ago I tried moving many items from one list to another and eventually Apple Reminders stopped working and the Apple tech said there was a limit to the daily changes and I had to wait 24 hours to clear that.

Question: in Apple Reminders does anyone know the maximum changes you can do at any one time before Apple Reminders gets maxed out and stops working for 24 hours? (I forgot how many)


Still curious if anyone know the maximum edits that can be done in a day?


Hi @dealtek, I couldn't find any related info. It would probably be high enough that most of the people won't reach the line. :wink:


Thank you. Recently I moved / edited about 200 things and had no problem. A long time ago I hit the wall when in Apple Reminders was trying to move over 1000 things from one List to another.

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