Request IOS alert sound!


Would like an option for choosing IOS sounds/ringtones for task alerts!
I’m sure that I’m not the only one who likes/loves this feature🥰


Hi @shihtzu, thanks for the feedback.

I'd love to add them too but iOS alert sounds are not allowed to be used inside 3rd party apps as far as I know. :frowning:

One tip I heard from a user was to turn on notifications for both iOS Reminders and GoodTask and turn on sound option only for Reminders and turn off sound for GoodTask. This will show you notifications from GoodTask but with sounds from Reminders which you can select any system sound. :sweat_smile:


I tried this option but the alarmsound only worked 1 time,after that nothing happens anymore, no notifications, no sound at all?!
What I’m doing wrong?


Would you give me more detail? Auto-snooze won't work on this method.


Ok, all these tasks were standard configured with auto snooze “ every minute, 5 times”.
As you said this won’t work?! I understand!

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