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Currently, in Quick Actions, one can use the same button change priorities. See attached picture.

I want the same thing for tags. For example, I need one toggle that goes from #today to #evening to Clear#today and #evening.

How do I add this as a quick action?

Thanking you.

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I would like this feature, too. Right now I have a "Clear Tags" quick action next to all my tags. To change from one tag to another, I first click Clear Tags, then the new tag.


There is a quick action type 'Switch' which will work just like what you need.

You can add an empty one to make it clear the tags added there.



Thank you. Wasn't even aware of the "Switch" option.

How does one include an empty tag?


You can tap 'Add' on 'Switch' page and just delete existing # symbol and press done. :blush:


Using Switch just adds another tag for me. Can you share a screenshot of how to set this up?


You can go into 'Settings - Quick Actions' and select 'Add' at the bottom. After that, choose type 'Switch' and you'll see screenshot 1.

Tap 'Add' and type your tag. If you type #One, you'll see screenshot 2.

After adding another #Two, try adding another one with deleting # which will be an empty page like screenshot 3. Tap 'Done' and you'll get 3 tags like screenshot 4.

Finish adding the action and test it on a task. The task will get #One at first. If you have #One tag, it'll get #Two tag. If you have #Two tag, you'll get it removed.

Hope it helped! :smile:


This was incredibly helpful. Thank you.

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Thanks! However, I would like my tags to function like the priority labels where only one tag can be applied at a time. For example, applying #two will replace any and all other tags. I don't want to cycle through all the tags to get to the one I want.



Oh, I got what you mean. So you want all related tags to be removed and add certain one at the same time.

Currently it can't be done. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

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