Share dialog from screenshot


For some reason, GoodTask isn't an option (even under "more") for sharing an iOS screenie.

My use case is that I see something online I want to discuss with my product team and the URL won't do, because it is a state-specific thing on our site or another. So I pop a screenie, but don't have time to write the note so dump it to GoodTask, but GT isn't there.

Current workaround is emailing to self and sharing the email to GT, but bleh...


Hi Mike, I guess you're referring to screenshots as screenie? I've searched for an app named screenie but couldn't find one.

Currently GoodTask does not support attachments/files/images so GoodTask is not shown on share sheet when you share an image.

It's on the roadmap so it'll be available when it gets updated. (May take some time though. Some other things will come first)


Yes- screenshots. Sorry- I got abbreviation-happy after spelling it out in subject line. Totally understand now, given attachment issue....