Shortcuts app & subtasks

I’ve been playing around with Shortcuts on iOS and trying to create some GoodTasks tasks with it. I see that there is a spot to put in subtasks, but when I run the shortcut, it creates the task without them. Has anyone else experienced this or found a way to make subtasks come through?

Hi @Lawruhl, thanks for using GoodTask.

It seems like it's iOS 14 beta bug.


I thought that may be the case. Thanks for the reply!

Happy to report this has been fixed in Beta 4

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Hello. I may be doing something wrong, but should I expect that sub tasks in Reminders show as sub tasks in Goodtasks and not as text in the Notes? If no, when would you anticipate this functionality to work?

Many thanks for an awesome app!


Hi @OutThereLabs, thanks for the feedback. Info about subtasks in default Reminders app is not opened so it shows as same as other tasks in GoodTask. :cry:

I’ve been trying to create more GoodTasks shortcuts, but again, I can’t seem to add a date within shortcuts without a time showing up. Is it another broken again because of iOS 14?

You may put time as 12:00am and it should work as no time. Thanks!

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Perfect, thank you!!