Smartlist overdue and calendars today

The list i use the most is overdue, but is there a way to create a list that shows tasks that are overdue and calendars events for the day?? :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly, you want to have a smart list that shows today's things AND overdue things?

My today list does that. And it has these filters

I also have a tag called today (in Swedish) for tasks that I want to keep today until I do them without having them become overdue.

No :slight_smile:

I want to only show overdue tasks, but i also want it to show all the valendar events for the day :slight_smile:

Ah, got it. This goes beyond my brains capacity :slight_smile:

Hi @Ole_Hetland,

Since filters apply on both tasks and events at the same time, there is no way to set them separately. :cry:


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Haha okey, mine to :joy::joy::+1:

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