Some questions and suggestions regarding attachments

  1. [Question] If I share a task with attachments with someone else, would they also receive the attachments ?

  2. [Suggestion] Is it possible to change the format of attachment folders from the current random string ID to file name+date+time ? This would still be a unique ID but would make it much easier to see at a glance what attachment is in what folder.

  3. [Suggestion] It would be extremely helpful if there was a way to speed up / automate creation of links to files stored in cloud services (iCloud or Onedrive). A typical use example would be tracking of a customer service issue. I get an email from the vendor that I want to follow up on. Using the email app, I save the PDF of that email to OneDrive (it's a record that I want to keep). Then I switch to OneDrive, find that PDF, and copy a link. Then I switch to GoodTask, start a new task (or open an existing one) and paste that link. That's a lot of manual, time consuming labor. Is there anything that could be done to automate at least part of it ?

Thanks for the feedback.

  1. No, they're saved in your iCloud account's iCloud Drive folder.

  2. Attachments are simply saved in iCloud folder with identifier of a task. There is no related info attached to the task itself. I'll keep your feedback.

  3. I don't know specific way but maybe there could be some way using Shortcuts app. You may want to ask Shortcuts experts such as or Reddit.