Something went wrong error message


I keep getting the error message something went wrong. Does not specify or give any additional details. What is the issue? How to fix/trouble shoot. I am on my 14 day trial and would like to know before I purchase if this is something I need to deal with? Also, how often does the developer update this app?



Hi @dob3rman, thanks for the feedback.

Normally the error message comes if connection between the database has gone wrong. If you can give me some details about when and how, it'll be helpful. (You may send me details to

About app updates, you can see the footprint on 'Version history' inside App Store description. It's about a month or two for .X feature updates and frequent .X.X bug fix updates when needed.

Thanks! :slight_smile:



on macOS 10.14.5 I get the same error a few times each week, last time right now with the newest GoodTask version 4.7 (370).

Maybe you could provide some error details like a stack trace somewhere in the app that we could send to you to help you with debugging?

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Hi @theproto, thanks for the feedback.

You can send me log by following below order. But on this case, I prefer details (if possible) of the things you've done before this happened. Such as, awake the device from sleep mode after a day, open the app, check a task, .. etc.

  • Open 'Activity Monitor' (You can open it inside 'Applications-Utilities-Activity Monitor' or use Spotlight Search(CMD-Space) and type Activity Monitor)
  • Choose 'GoodTask' on the list
  • Click 'Settings' on top row of buttons (3rd) and choose 'Sample Process'
  • Wait awhile until it's made
  • Click Save at the top right and then save the file




in all cases it was when a task has been changed and GoodTask tried to save the changes.

in most (maybe all, I do not remember) cases it was when I checked off the task. I seem to remember that it was never a problem with saving a new task.

Sometimes the task had a repeat setting and I am not sure anymore but I think at least in some cases the task had been checked off but the repeat task then failed to be created.

In any case though, I will explain exactly what I did when the error occurs next time and also sample the application.

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