Sort order and prefs not syncing

I’m trialling GoodTask on iPhone and iPad. I’m using the “Tag” sort option. If I manually order tasks, their order is not syncing. If I change, say, the font size, that also is not syncing. I have selected to sync prefs, and iCloud Drive is turned on on both devices. What can I try?


HI @Sddawson, thanks for using GoodTask.

Sync status can be checked in 'Settings - iCloud Sync' page. You can see device and time under each items on that page.

If you change any status, it'll upload it. Check if it's properly uploaded and cross check on other devices to see if it has same data.

If they are, normally all should be synced. If not, you may want to check iCloud Drive sync status.


OK, my problem seems to be with iCloud Drive in general. Anything I add to iCloud Drive on my iPad or iPhone is immediately reflected on my Mac, but not on each other. Anything I add on my Mac doesn’t make it to the iPhone or iPad. It’s as if iCloud Drive push has stopped working. If I add something on, say, the iPhone, it immediately updates with stuff that was added on the other devices. I’ve turned iCloud Drive off/on, and even signed out of iCloud and back in in my iPhone, but the problem persists. Any ideas what I can try?

Things related to iCloud sync is under Apple's black box so I don't know the exact details either. There are so many cases and while in cases like yours, what I've seen is that it sometimes just works again. Things you may try would be the things you already tried such as restarting the device, turning on/off iCloud Drive.

One thing you may check is that the issue might be on your Mac. Try uploading a file in Finder's iCloud Drive folder and check bottom status bar (you may need to turn it on). See if it shows and stays on 'Uploading..'.

Some progress. I tried a similar thing on my wife’s Mac and iPad. On those, too, if I added a folder to iCloud Drive on the Mac it didn’t show on the iPad. But after I added some files to an iCloud Drive folder on the iPad, sync started to work in both directions. So I did the same thing on my iPhone and iPad - copied some files around - then bi-directional sync started to work. Had to do the same on a 2nd iPad linked to my iCloud account. Very strange!

So now GoodTask sync seems to be working. I do notice, though, that if I reorder tasks on, say, the iPhone, and GoodTask is open on the iPad, the tasks don’t reorder automatically. I have to leave GoodTask and come back to it, then the tasks reorder. I can see the _tasks.plist file syncs properly between the two devices (that’s the one whose modification time seems to change when you reorder tasks). Things just don’t seem to change by themselves. Is this by design?

Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll take a look. Thanks!