Sorting Problems


I have several tasks that are recurring (every month), some of these task have become past due. How do I set up the task, so that when I mark the task complete, it appears at the next scheduled date? It now goes to the next scheduled date after the date I mark it complete.


Hi @Myrtle, thanks for the feedback. Recurring task follows the behavior from Reminders engine. The way it works is when you complete a task, next task is made upon the rule you've set. So there is no way to bring up past task if you have passed it already.



Please tell me how to change the settings in the reminder engine.


My old “to do” list allowed me to set a task to appear on the first of a month and then every 4 days and then when marked completed, regardless of when or on whatever date, the next due date would be the fourth of the month. Please tell me how to set up my tasks to do this. I have approximately 160 recurring tasks.


Reminders engine works as it's set and you can't change it. If you want a recurring task that's due at 4th of every month, simply set a recurrence rule as 'Custom - 1 Month - On Days - 4'.

By doing it, when you complete that task, next one will be made on upcoming 4th of the month.



How would you suggest I set up a new task that requires it to be done by the tenth of each month.( example: make payroll) Some months the task is completed on the first, other months, the task is completed on the second and on and on. If I set it up for the 10th, I might not have time that day, but I had time on the fifth had I known the task was due.


If you set it on at 10th every month, (you can simply set every month with due date set to 10th) it should work as expected. When you complete it before 10th, next one should be made for next month. Same when you complete it on or after 10th.



Good suggestion. But I want the task to show up each day of the month until the task is complete.


If you haven’t completed the task, it’ll always follow you as overdue task. :wink:


Thanks for the suggestion.