Split contextual settings from in-app input and system wide input


When working inside GoodTask and adding a task I most likely want to add it to the project I'm currently in.
When I'm out of GoodTask I want different defaults (In my case I wan to add to inbox list for further cleanup)

Would be great if that could be split up.

Overall I'm so impressed with the app, but there are some things that lack for me...


Hi Mural, normally it should behave like you want. Check inside Settings - New Task - Contextual and see if list is selected. If so, new task on specific list will follow that list.

On other lists including smart lists, it'll follow default list.



Thanks for reply!

Unfortunately it does not work that way if you switch app (let say to Safari) but in GoodTask you left a list open. It will default to what's currently in GoodTask. If I would switch app while leaving GoodTask in different place it would work.


Contextual option only works when you're inside the app.

If you're adding through share sheet, it'll simply follow default settings.

Is this what you mean? I'm not fully getting your description.