Start/due date bug with new task drag and drop


I have "new task" set so that the start date is "The Day" and due date is "+90 days". If I create a new task via CMD-N it works correctly; start date is today, due date is 4 February 2023. However if I create a new task via drag-and-drop from e.g. onto a GoodTask window, it gets it backwards - the due date is "Today" which is set +90 days from the start date, which is backdated to July 21st. Can you please correct this or tell me what I am missing to get uniform behavior in the two cases? Thanks!

Thanks for the report. I’ll take a look. Thanks!

Hi @templon, I've looked into this and currently when you drag and drop mail from Mail app to GoodTask, it makes due date as current date set in the window. I'm going to keep this behavior but when you drag and drop to the dock icon or use services to add a task, it'll follow default new settings. (From next update)