Start the Day won't show finish button at first


I'm having this issue for quite a few weeks now.

Once I'm done adding the tasks for today and writing my goals, there is no Finish button to finish this feature. I need to close the "Start the day" screen, then when I open it again, it shows me the finish button.

Hi @Flavio_Cabral_Filho, thanks for the feedback.

Yes, that's how the today page works. On initial launch with process running, finish button does not appear unless there is any changes to the tasks itself.


Hi, thanks for the reply!

Still trying to figure out how this works. Today in the today page I added a few tasks that were overdue, added some more that were suggested, in the end, I completed a task that I had to complete, and did the goal thing. Even after that, I could not finish the today page, only after I close it and open again, then the Finish button shows up. Is that right?

Hi @Flavio_Cabral_Filho,

On initial process stage, 'Finish' button does not appear. But if the data changes on the list by completing or outside changes, it'll appear.


Oh, now I get it, I'm supposed to click finish only by the end of the day, I guess. Sorry for the confusion. That was not very clear for me, but now it is. Thanks!

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