Syncing tasks from Mac

I am using GoodTask on Mac (macOS 11.4), iOS (14.6), iPadOS (14.4).

When changing tasks (= reminders) on my iPhone and/oder iPad (e.g., check "completed"), these changes are not synced to my Mac.

I have to de-select reminders from the iCloud elements on my Mac in System Preferences and then reselect them. Then the changes are being updated to the Mac.

I can see this behavior since a few versions of GoodTask.

Hi @TRq, thanks for the feedback. Normally it should work well. When the sync is not running, try opening Reminders app and see how it goes. Also try 'Refresh' on GoodTask and see how it goes.



thanks for your answer.

Refresh is not helping.

When opening the reminder app, then the reminders (todos) are being updated also in GoodTask (or, maybe, I would have to wait for 2-3 Minutes?).

There are times that opening Reminders triggers the update. You may try if sync is not working but it should not happen often. As far as I'm aware, it should normally catch up pretty fast. If Reminders app got the data, GoodTask should get it right away. Thanks!

Actually, it happens every day.

Looks like, opening Apple's reminder helps, but it takes 2-3 Minutes to actually update the data.

Hi @TRq, if Reminders sync is not working properly, you may try resetting the connection by following below order.

  • Close Reminders and GoodTask.
  • Go into 'System Preferences - Apple ID - iCloud'
  • Check off 'Reminders'. This will remove Reminders data on your device.
  • Check back on 'Reminders'. This will re-download all Reminders data.
  • Open Reminders and wait to see download happening.
  • After all data is downloaded, open GoodTask and see how it goes.


Well, this is, what I did to get GoodTask on Mac synced with my other devices - until you told me, starting Reminders and waiting a little would do the trick, too.

However, it never helped to solve the problem permanently