Today Page Questions

Long time user and big fan, but am just now getting into the Today Page feature. I can see how this is a great new feature. As I am exploring it I am running into three issues:

  • What is the logic for the what tasks show up on the Add to List screen? It seems it only pulls tasks from the specified list that are due today. Is there a way to make it show all tasks on the list?

  • Is there a way to add existing tasks to the Today Page list after the initial morning setup? I know you can set the due date of an existing task to today and it will show up, but I don’t like using due dates as you the have to clear the date if you don’t get to the task and don’t want it added to the next day. For example on weekends I often end up with an aspirational list of tasks I want to do but I don’t want them to show up as overdue if I don’t get to them. NEVERMIND, I FIGURED OUT THAT YOU HAVE A MENUE ITEM WHEN INOPEN A TASK TO ADD TASKS TO THE TODAY PAGE. SO THIS QUESTION I AMSWERED MYSELF. :slight_smile:

  • Is there a way to adjust the appearance of the tasks in the Today page? Right now each tasks takes up a lot of space and I would prefer a tighter layout, similar to the normal list views to get a better overview. Right now I need to scroll to see all tasks for the day.

Also, I have a feature request. It would be great to be able to pull the suggestions from different days depending on the day of the week. For example I have a smart list that pulls all my personal tasks
On weekends I would love to add tasks from this list, while during the week I would prefer them to come from a list that pulls from another list that shows the tasks I need to complete that week. Not critical but would be nice to have.

Thanks for any pointers and developing a great software.

Thanks for great feedback. :slight_smile:

  • Basic process runs through to get overdue tasks to today, add tasks due today and then give suggestions to random tasks. There is no specific logic for picking random tasks. You can select specific list so adjusting the smart list and selecting it will let you bring up tasks you would like to see.

  • There is no way to adjust the looks at the moment.

I'll keep your suggestions on the list to consider. Thanks!

Thank you for the clarification. As a future feature request it would be great if there were an option to select not only the tasks that were scheduled for today but from all tasks of a specified list, like a list that only shows high priority tasks.

Best, n.

Thanks, I'll add it on the list. Meanwhile, you can add that list on 'Random Tasks - List' and add them.