Tracking Projects


Just curious how people are tracking projects when using Goodtask/Reminders? Do you create lists by project, just maintain a general project list? Tag your reminders with the project name via quick actions? Inquiring minds want to know! :slight_smile:


I personally make a list for a project and make multiple smart lists when in need. For example, if list gets too big and needs focus, I make a smart list with tag #focus and add a quick action to easily add/delete that tag (or just type #focus on title).

If it's a small project, it could go into general list (basic or inbox) and populated by a smart list when in need.


Thanks. At present I have anywhere from 50 to 100 client projects or engagements in flight that I am tracking, either directly or that are delegated to my staff. I've taken to creating a project list for the projects. If they are boilerplate such as creating a proposal I use the subtasks and just add tags to move it to waiting or active as things occur. For projects I've delegated, I just have a #delegated tag and a #name tag then smart lists for each team member showing what I've got delegated to them. The final is the more complex project where I tend to have just the project name, then other tasks as discreet elements. During my review, I need to make certain I always have tasks defined, but so far that seems to be working out.