URL not working in List Memo

Hi I’ve pasted url schemes and links into list memo but not working/not clickable. I read that this feature had already been implemented?!
Best and thanks

Hi @ged968, thanks for using GoodTask. Since tapping the text also opens the editing page, you need to firmly tap the link to make it open. Keeping your finger on it could be an easier way.


Thanks for the response - It does open web pages but I am trying to open a document via URL scheme on iPad and also an iOS shortcut but not working. Should it work or am I missing something? Thanks

Normally if the app detects the link, it should work. I'll give it a test if you can share the address. Thanks!

I didn't see this answered after this point and I'm running into something similar on 6.9.3. I'm trying the following: I have a task called Test, in the memo area I have the following: shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=Create%20Some%20Alarms

What I want to have happen ultimately is for me completing this task will launch the shortcut Create Some Alarms. Or at the least I can tap on the url somehow and cause it to run. But tapping it doesn't do anything. I even tried creating a Quick Action to Open URL called Run Shortcut and it just says "Can't open url" at the top of the task. This happens whether I use bulk actions on it, or act like I'm editing it.


Ok, I solved my own problem. Though it isn't automatic, had a typo in my url I had typed 20% instead of %20 which does not work well with url decoders :slight_smile: Anyway, it now shows up as a link I can tap and then it runs the shortcut. It would be nice for it to be automated such that I tap to finish a task and a shortcut is run. I understand that some shortcuts can't run on Macs yet so I can see how that could be an issue there, but it would be great if at least on iOS and iPadOS. I hope this helps someone with typos like me!

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