Watch boot and Good Task


I've been using Good Task for a long time and have had one issue that has been constant for the past year. It'd be great to see it resolved so looking to help if possible. I have never had luck with the watch compilation working consistently on boot up of my watch. It is all out of sorts. Every so often on a boot up of the watch it works right, but the majority of cases it seems to be in a bad state. Tasks will be out of sync. The theme colors will all be incorrect. If I add a new task on my phone it will "appear" to never sync with the app although the sync is happening in the background (tasks gets updated correctly for example). All of this can be corrected by relaunching the watch app. Follow the process to kill it, relaunch it, and everything works great.

This is a constant issue with me. I've gotten into a habit on reboots of my watch of simply auto killing Good Task and relaunching it. This is the only consistent way I can be sure that Good Task will function correctly. I see this so frequently I'm really struggling to imagine how the developers aren't seeing this? Why is the boot behavior of the app so bad? The fact that relaunching it makes it all work right seems to say to me that all the other synch and database stuff is all fine, it just starts in a bad state. Is there not a way the app can behave better on startup?

Anything I can do to assist debugging this, just let me know. I'm getting tired of constantly killing the app and relaunching it when I first power on my watch. Also, in case you are wondering, some people say "who reboots their watch?" I turn it off every day as I can't wear it for large portions of the day (at work).

Love everything else about the app! Just hoping this can be resolved.

Also, more information as I think of it. I don't have this problem with any of the other apps I use on startup. This leads me to think this can't be a problem with WatchOS. Every other watch app I use updates just fine on startup.

Hi @Infinus, thanks for the feedback.

I'll check and will try to fix it. I'll let you know if I need any help. Thanks!