Where is option to Hide Later Tasks?


Just updated from version 4 to version 6 and my smart lists got a little screwed up.

Instead of tasks appearing at their set time in my smart lists, all my items appear for the day.

The reason for this is because there was an option to Hide: Later Tasks

I don't see that option in version 6. Can you point me to it?


Hi @NJRonbo, thanks for using GoodTask.

If you're talking about smart list filters, go into 'Edit List' for a list and go down to filters.

On 'Scheduled: Today' filter, there is an option to hide 'Later Tasks'.


Found it! Thanks very much!

What is the difference between "later tasks" and "unstarted tasks"? @GoodTask

Hi @larbob,

Later tasks are tasks that's due today but later than current time. Unstarted tasks are tasks with start date which have different start time and due time.