A Shortcuts action that takes a list of dictionaries (or JSON) as input and creates one reminder for each


I would really like to be able to add reminders to GoodTask (and Reminders) programmatically (useful for duplicate+batch edit operations). My current method involves generating the JSON I want on my computer, reading it into Shortcuts as a list of dicts, and then looping over it and generating one reminder per dict (the dict looks like {“name”: name, “list”: list, “notes”: notes, ...}). Unfortunately, creating reminders one at a time is very slow because of (what I assume are) database limitations, whereas creating many at once is very fast, as evidenced by the speed at which GoodTask can duplicate multiple reminders. Providing a Shortcuts action to allow creating many reminders at once would help speed up creating of several new reminders in Shortcuts, and providing a list of dictionaries (or equivalent JSON) to this action would be a good way to pass the required info to it.


Hi @larbob, thanks for the feedback.

Does using shortcuts from GoodTask and Reminders to make a new task both slow? If you put it in a loop, it should be using basically same method as duplication inside GoodTask.


Duplicating ~30 tasks in GoodTask takes a few seconds. Creating those same tasks in Shortcuts takes around a minute.


It could be due to Shortcuts app itself. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!