Add items with "Start Date" today or past to current Today Page

Hi Goodtask devs,

I have a question on the Today page feature. It is a great tool to be able to organize things day by day and work through tasks. Additionally, the "start date" feature of Goodtask is awesome, because if I have something due on Friday, and I can start doing it on Monday, it gives me the opportunity to overview things I can start now and work on throughout the week. I like to think of this as an "open task."

A current limitation I'm facing, however, is how to have any such "open tasks" show up in the Today view feature. Currently, the Today view cycles through overdue, suggested, random etc., but this leaves out the opportunity to work on these "open tasks" (reminders with a due date that is upcoming, but also have a GoodTask property of "Start date" today or in the past). It would make sense that any open task should be something I can add to my Today View, in my opinion.

I understand that there is the option to build a smart list that can use filters to grab these reminders, however, I really love the Today View and would be thrilled if there was the possibility to just have these tasks show up there. Is there a current workaround to have this functionality? Would this be a feasible feature request?

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Thanks for the feedback. It seems like it should be in the list while on initial setup process. Or at least manually could be done. I'll take a look and will see if it can be fixed in next update. Thanks!

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Thank you! Looking forward to getting more stuff done with GoodTask!

For your reference, I think the current programmatic logic is that 1/4 is Overdue (reminders with a due date that has passed) 2/4 is Add to today (reminders with a due date that has passed or is on this date) then 3/4 is suggestions of reminders that do not have a due date, and 4/4 is templates.

I think if a change is possible for this functionality, I think a great idea would be that 2/4 suggests reminders with a date that has passed, a date that is on this day, a date that is upcoming, or a reminder with Goodtask metadata where the start date is today or has passed.


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