Add task with Siri with date but no time?


Anyone who would know if it is possible to add a task with Siri with a specific date but with no time? I guess this is a limitation in the IOS reminders but is there (or will there be) any way to do this? Thanks!


Ok, so i realize I can do with the + sign on my Apple Watch using the text snippets :slight_smile:

That’s good enough for now :slight_smile:


Hey @BoEast, I've tried below and they work well on iOS 13.

'Remind me to XX today'. 'Add a task to XX on Reminders today'.



Great, I was thinking that it might work in IOS 13 :slight_smile:

In IOS 12, it seems to work if you add tasks that are not “today” (where you have to say a time), but Siri still adds 09:00 by default.

So, looking forward to IOS 13. :slight_smile:


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