Add 'This Week' option to smart list filtering

For a Smart List's filtering options, could you add a "This week" time period please, to filter scheduled tasks (i.e. Sunday to Saturday, no matter what day today is)?

I set up to use 'Today' & 'Week' smart lists, to see counts of all remaining items today & this week.

For "today", this works perfectly. However, for my "week" smart list, the existing filtering options of "within 7 days" or "within 1 week" cause an incorrect count of remaining items for this week and cause the list view of all items to include undesired items, that aren't within this week's Sun-Sat.

(A "This month" option might also be useful for some people, but "This week" is all I need.)

Hi @bluebird, thanks for the feedback.

'Within 1 week' option is what you want and need. Thanks!

Thanks. I’ve been using “today” and “Within 1 weeks”. The "today" filter works great.

However there appear to be 2 bugs using “Within 1 weeks”, which is why I thought it wasn't working:

  1. Calendar events don't respect the week starting on Sunday. (They use Mon-Sun, even though I set GoodTask to Week Starts on: Sunday.)
    For my “week” viewed in List view, calendar events on Sun April 12 are not visible but should be (since it's this week); calendar events on Sunday April 19 are visible but shouldn’t be (b/c that’s next week).

  2. Tasks are correctly restricted to Sunday-Saturday for this week. Except overdue tasks earlier than this week are visible and should not be (I have GoodTask set up to show overdue events on their due date, so they shouldn't be visible earlier than Sunday of this week.)

    (In comparison, my “today” smart list does not show overdue tasks earlier than today, which is correct.)

To reproduce both, use a filter of “within 1 weeks”, set overdue events to show on their due date, set week starts on Sunday, create old overdue tasks on previous weeks, & create a calendar event on Sunday the day after this week ends (i.e. the start of 'next week').

Thanks for detail info.

You're right about calendar events. It'll be fixed on next update. :slight_smile:

About overdue tasks, you can filter it out by adding 'Overdue' filter with inverse marked.


You're right about calendar events. It'll be fixed on next update. :slight_smile:

Awesome :slight_smile:

overdue tasks, you can filter it out by adding 'Overdue' filter with inverse marked.

Just gave that a try, but that hides overdue items during this week too unfortunately. Goal is to hide overdue items before this time period, and see scheduled or overdue items dated Sun-Sat.

Yes, the exact thing you want may not be available. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks.

Next update will let you select 'Within 0 weeks' which you can invert it to make it work as you want. Thanks!

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Hi @GoodTask,

I can't figure out how the filter 'Within 1 week' works. The aim is to create a smart list that shows me all tasks whose date is within the current week - from Monday to Sunday (this week).

If I use the filter 'Within 1 week', the list shows all tasks from today +6 days. On a Tuesday, it will also show tasks scheduled for say the Monday of next week. Although according to this statement here, I would expect that only tasks from the current week (this week) should be included in 'Within 1 week'?

Am I doing something wrong here when setting the smart list filter 'Within 1 week'?

Normally within 1 week should show the tasks for current week. You may want to check start of the week option to see if it's set properly.

If not, please share some detail screenshots to Thanks!

The general setting "Week View: Next 7 Days" was turned on, so all tasks with date +7 days were displayed although the 'Within 1 week' filter was active.

Now, with it turned off, the tasks are correctly displayed only for the current week.

Done. Thank you very much.

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