Adding tags via Quick Actions - some questions

Quick Actions is a great way to add tags to tasks, partly because it ensures tag usage is consistent. I've been using Quick Action: Prompt, Select, Tag... to bring up the tags I want to show and select from.

  1. When I add the tags to a Quick Action in this way, the dialog that results has the tags in the reverse order from the order I added them in (i.e. the first tag I added is to the far right of the screen, the last tag I added is to the far left). Is there a reason for this, or have I clicked a setting somewhere for it, or...?
  2. I can add about 10-12 tags to a Quick Action before the dialog becomes too cluttered and some of the tags disappear off the screen (Macbook) or have the "cancel" button on top of them, etc. It would be great if this dialog could either wrap the list of tags (i.e. more than one row) or have the option to show them vertically. (My preference would be wrapping.)
  3. I'd love to be able to select more than one tag at a time. Let's say I want to add three tags, all of which are listed in a single Quick Action. The dialog closes as soon as the tag is selected, so to do that I have to click on that Quick Action and then select a tag, then repeat that process for the second and third tags. It would be great to have the option to have the dialog stay open until I've selected all the tags I want.
  4. And finally - unrelated to Quick Actions - is there any way to view a list of all the tags used? I'm sure I have some rogue tags floating around and such a list would provide an easy way to spot them and correct them.

Hi @bbpie, thanks for the feedback.

Would you share what macOS version you're using? I recommend getting latest one if possible. Dialog has changed a lot and latest ones show selections vertically.

If you go into 'Edit:Tags' in any list and turn off automatic, it should add all the tags available automatically. They're from Smart list filters, Quick actions and other manual tags.


I was on 7.01, I've just downloaded and installed 7.1.4

1&2. The Quick Action dialog in 7.1.4 is exactly the same for me - the tags still show horizontally, and if there are too many, they still run off the screen/get covered by the cancel button. They're still in reverse order from how they're shown in the Quick Action settings too.

  1. Thanks, that works to show me a list of tags.

Oh, I was talking about macOS version, not the app version.

Ah, I see. I'm running Catalina. I'm running some apps that aren't friendly (yet) with later MacOS releases so not keen to update yet.

I'm having the same issue. If I set tags to automatic, I get a nice, small dialog window when I use Quick Actions.

But when I don't set them as automatic and instead use my own (admittedly lengthy) list of tags, I get this:

It runs off the screen, and the underlying GoodTasks window shifts to the right.

I'm running macOS Ventura, 13.2 and GoodTask 7.3.2.

Any help would be much appreciated, as this issue makes adding tags via Quick Actions pretty much impossible on the Mac. (On iOS, it works fine.)

Hi @acavender, thanks for the feedback. I'll take a look. Thanks!

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Hi @acavender, I've checked and it seems like current version of macOS shows alert that way by default. There seems to be no way to change how it's shown at the moment. I'll keep an eye on it and will see how things change.

Meanwhile, you can move the window by drag and dropping top title bar while alert is shown to select the tag you want. Or use less than 10 tags for prompts.


Thanks for checking!