Adding Task while in list view

This is a minor detail, but one I relied on heavily before switching to goodtask. When I am under the view of a list, then hit add, the task does not default to being in the list I created the task from. For example, let's say I am in the view of a work list. I hit the plus under my tasks displayed. The new task appears and I can enter all the information. But the task is not created within my work list, it is created in another list, let's say my shopping list. I know it is only a few extra clicks, but I am definitely a power user and I create 20-30 tasks a day. It would be very nice to just hit create task, type it and be done.

Curious if anyone knows how to solve this, or if Im missing a setting. Otherwise I'll submit it as a feature request.

Hi @connorj9000, thanks for using GoodTask.

Would you check option inside 'Settings - New Task - Contextual'? Check if you have 'List' set. If so, it should normally change the list according to where you're at.

If it's not working like that, please let me know. If you'd like to share screenshots, send it to Thanks!

Wow, you really can control everything. Why isn’t GoodTask more widely known? Everyone knows about Omnifocus but I feel like GoodTask is even more powerful in a lot of ways! Thanks!

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