After iOS and macOS releases


What will happen with GoodTask? What I mean is that one or the other of those upgrades is going to try to upgrade the Reminders database in iCloud...

It's easy enough to ignore Catalina. Certain I won't install that until next summer sometime, if at all. But it's a lot harder to stop an iOS update.


Hi @posguy99, thanks for the feedback.

When new versions of iOS and macOS releases, I assume that most of the users will upgrade the database for Reminders.

Either you do it or not, GoodTask will work like current status. What upgrade means is below.

  1. If you upgrade, upgraded database will not sync to previous database that's used in iOS 12 and macOS 10.14. Upgraded database will make use of new features on the new Reminders app. Currently there aren't new APIs that's opened so GoodTask will just work like before with database syncing with the newly upgraded database using devices.

  2. If you don't upgrade, it'll just work as is.

  3. If you upgraded but have devices that's running iOS 12 and macOS 10.14, GoodTask on those devices will still work but will not sync with the new upgraded database using devices.

So it means that either way GoodTask will work like before and upgrading just will affect the sync of database.



The concern isn't with upgrading both or not upgrading both, the concern is with one of them (most likely the phone) being upgraded, and the other one (the Mac) not being upgraded. The phone will try to upgrade the database. Is that optional? Or will it just do it?

The phone will upgrade the data on iCloud, the Mac will not be able to use the new data on iCloud, and the two clients will no longer reflect the same data because it's CloudKit doing the syncing.

This was why I was trying so hard to keep tasks in IMAP, vs keeping anything in iCloud. It's unfortunate that's been abandoned (hint), so much of what makes GoodTask useful to me is repeat after completion and auto-snooze (especially, allowing me to replace both Alarmed and Due!), and those are gone unless you use iCloud (having to maintain them multiple places means you just don't use them). If you're keeping score, one tic mark from me in the "who cares if there is JSON getting inserted in the notes field" column.

Now, I have no interest so far in upgrading the phone to iOS 13. The claimed increase in performance on the same hardware looks interesting, but the rest of the junk... meh. However, it is extremely difficult to stop an iOS upgrade from getting incredibly naggy. So I guess I'll have to wait and see.


You get to choose to upgrade or not by pressing 'Upgrade' button on the new Reminders app. If you don't, it'll sync with previous OS's. If you'd like to use CalDAV, you shouldn't upgrade.

But I would recommend using iCloud for the better use in either way. Thanks!