Agenda Filters

Hi, There are amazing filters for tasks, but only one of calendars.
I would like there to be more, specifically one to filter scheduled within, just like the tasks.
I saw some more posts on the forum but i found my point different from the other posts so I would like to share it.

The "problem" I now have is that I have a soon list for the next 2 days.
But I like my bord view to show next 4 days (for other lists).
Now I filter the tasks, that works great but I end up with two more boards with just calendar events.
I would rather have the two boards (date) and a column with no due date (which is there just at the end).
This would then also help for the widget.

Hope my arguments are clear and the help.
Thanks for making such a great app!

Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks! :slight_smile: