Agenda + Reminders


I read today on both Agenda's website & MacStories that Agenda is adding integration for Reminders using the default Apple Reminders app. Is this something that will work with GoodTask also or will I have to go back to the default Reminders app. I know Goodtask syncs with Apple Reminders but I don't know if you guys have any insight on this new feature.


I'm sure it'll be the same as any other app that uses Reminders as the backend. GoodTask specific features likely won't work within Agenda, same as 2Do, etc... But the ability to see Reminders within Agenda that were created in GoodTask will work I'm sure.


After watching the video preview, it looks like they are using a URL Scheme to do this, so the question is on iOS more or less since most of us delete the Reminders app, will it be needed. You can't delete the default apps on macOS yet.


Well I don't know about everyone deleting Reminders. I've always left it installed, and I believe Tim Nahumck has said as much as well. But yes, if they're using the URL scheme, then you need to keep Reminders installed. Just file it away in an unused folder or something. :man_shrugging:t2:


You can use it just like you've been using now and it'll be the same.

What you get is..

you'll be able to add/edit Reminders data on Agenda and that reminder you make on Agenda will be shown on GoodTask (and Reminders app) with link to Agenda's note (like calendar events now).



@kennonb You can actually delete the Reminders app on iOS without losing any function. Reminders is actually built into the system itself and all the app does is display it. I have it deleted and still use it's notifications instead of Goodtask because of the persistent lock screen notification. And you can still add tasks to Reminders lists using Hey Siri even with the app deleted. The app does nothing itself but display your Reminders, it's all system built-in. Just make sure you don't turn off Reminders in your iCloud settings.


I assume it would work just like any other app that can display reminders. For example, because Reminders functions as basically a database, I can view my Reminders in GoodTask or Fantastical. Obviously, I don't have the GoodTask features, but I like how it works. I assume Agenda will be the same. It will all sync.

I keep the reminders app on my phone because I didn't really see a need to delete it (and I also use it for Siri support with apps like AnyList).


Already got confirmation from Agenda that it will work 100% with Apple Reminders, 2Do & Goodtask 3. It will use iCloud Reminders so any app that syncs to it.


I’m testing the beta version of Agenda that has this feature. I’ll report any issues here.