All tasks & lists disappeared

I am using v 6.5.2 on my iPhone 11. Today, when I activated GoodTask, all my lists and all my tasks were gone.

I immediately isolated from the internet my MacBook (v 6.5.5) and my iPad (v 6.5.2) and everything -- all lists & tasks -- is still there.

I have obviously done something to mess up sync. I don't know what that might be.

How do I fix it?

Please help!


Hi @Michele_Sharik, thanks for using GoodTask.

First, try restarting the app or iPhone and check again. If the issue persists..

  1. Check if data is there in Reminders app on iPhone. If so, data itself is fine. If not, check your account settings inside Settings app and see what may be causing it.
  2. For settings, go into your iPad which has all the data. Go into 'Settings - iCloud Sync - Backup' and choose 'Upload to iCloud' which will add a backup on iCloud. This is purely for backup purpose.
  3. You may connect internet and choose 'Upload' inside 'Settings - iCloud Sync' on the device that's set properly.


Hi, thanks for the quick reply!

I rebooted my iPhone and checked the Reminders app. It was empty. Then I went online and checked my online iCloud account. Everything was still there in the online iCloud Reminders, so that's good.

I then checked the iCloud settings on my iPhone. At some point, I must have turned off iCloud Reminders sync. (I don't remember doing that, but ok.) I turned it back on and voilà! all my data reappeared in the app!

Thank you so much for the help!


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