Allow drag and drop to and from other sources

CleanShot 2022-04-26 at 02.38.56

I know im asking a lot of questions but im just excited to finally have an app that works with my reminders app :laughing:. i looked for threads before asking but it was about emails.

My question involves me moving all of my tasks into goodtask. The gif includes Things 3 and Bear interacting well. I tried drag n drop between goodtask and Bear and nothing seemed to work. I can do all of the dragging with the reminders app however.

I can do it one task at a time with my reminders app and things 3 as well (just in case i cant do it with goodtask). but it doesnt hurt to ask before i move everything. might do a shortcut or something as well.

weird. i cant seem to upload the gif.

Hi @obadiahcruz, thanks for the feedback.

If you drag and drop a task from GoodTask, it'll generate a text with the title. You can try it out with Notes app. Also if you drag and drop a text from other apps, new task will be made.

If you need to share some gif, send it to me on