Any plans to develop notes feature?

Hi there.

I wanted to know if there were any plans with Goodtask to further develop notes integration in to reminders lists? By this I am referring to something to rival Todoist's uncompletable tasks which allows an asterik's to prevent a task being "tickable", or TickTick's notes feature?

I realise that Goodtask does have the List Memo feature for basic notes, but in board view this sits to the left, and doesn't offer direct integration within other tasks (in different board views etc). I also realise that I can simply add a note to an existing task, but I think having the ability to create notes that cannot be completed would be a handy tool to organise thoughts etc.


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Hi @kedis, thanks for the feedback.

Todoist's approach is interesting and is on the list to consider. Not anything to confirm though.

Thanks! :wink: