App freezing and eventually shutting down on iPad

I'm having an issue with the app on my iPad. Everything is working fine on my iPhone. When I selected Goodtask on my home screen, it looks like it is starting, but gets stuck with a screen that is blank but with the app logo in the center. Then it crashes completely and goes to my home screen. I've tried doing a reset of my iPad and completely deleting and reinstalling the app, but nothing works. I've got an iPad pro with 27 GB available. I'm running iPadOS 17.4.1.

Thanks for using GoodTask.

Do Reminders app and Calendars app work well on your iPad?

On initial install, is it the same not showing anything but stuck with launch screen and crashes?

Thanks for responding so quickly. Both Calendar and Reminders are working normally. After a reinstall, I go through the screens detailing the views. Then it asks for permissions and I get the pop ups. Then it freezes on that screen. image

Is it asking for 3 permissions? Would you check inside default Settings app - GoodTask and see if permissions are properly set?

Also is the working iPhone basically the same with iPad? (Accounts, database, profile..)

Do you have any MDM installed on device?


It's only asking for 2 permissions - Reminders and Calendar. What would be the third? My phone setup is the same and the app is working fine there. No MDM installed on either.

Thank you!

3rd one is notifications. Is it not asking for it?

Sorry to take so long to get back to you. No, it is not asking for notifications.

Seems weird.

  • Are you using iCloud to manage data for Reminders/Calendars?
  • Are the accounts connected to Reminders/Calendars same for iPhone and iPad?

If available, please share some screenshots or screen recordings of iPhone app on working status to I'd like to see if anything might be causing the issue. Thanks!