App Issues: Missing List and Task Time Queries

I'm new to this app and have observed a couple of issues. Firstly, all my lists from the iOS Reminders are visible in the Good Task app except for the most crucial one, my work one. Secondly, when I create a task without specifying a time, it doesn't record the exact time of creation. Additionally, the completed task list says 0 when there are around 10 completed tasks in the smart list. Can you explain why this is happening?"

Hi @MPRachel, thanks for using GoodTask.

Would you share some screenshots or screen recordings to ? It'll be helpful if you show the initial Lists page and 'Settings - Lists & Calendars' page.

First and the second issues may be due to the source of Reminders app's data you're using. If it's not iCloud, it may not work properly.

About the completed tasks count, you need to set 'Settings - Appearance - Lists - Show Completed Count' to show completed count next to count of the tasks which are not yet complete.