App subscription - a change of heart

Good afternoon,

I wanted to try GT, which I completed the free trial. I used the app a fair bit but should have tested a bit more thoroughly. Signed up to the yearly subscription and had second thoughts soon after and followed the process to refund for the sub.

Loaded up the app however and found the subscription still active and the app functioning. I was fully expecting it to not work so is there something broken with that?

I am however taking this little bit of an extension to trial it a bit more but at the point of trying it before ,it wasnt really for me. This might change my mind as I am slowly turning off the idea of TickTick to be honest.

Thanks for using GoodTask. Getting a refund may take time to be sorted out. Thanks!

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Thank you. Nothing against the app for now.

I’ll see how I go and may even drop by with a subscription again soon.

Perhaps it’s taking time to shut off.

One observation though which would be amazing if there was an inbox as it were to collect items we add before going through our collection as part of gtd methods :+1:t2: