Appearance - Tight list

I noticed that after the latest updates, the main window now shows the task with lots of details. It makes the list much longer than it should be. I really miss a one-line option for each task, so the complete list of tasks is visible without having to scroll. Could that be re-introduced in the next update?
I was attracted to GoodTask for its simplicity from an appearance point of view.
Thanks for you help and keep up the good work.


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This is a setting. Go to Settings > Appearance > Task View

There you can set your own custom task view settings and use them as you wish in your lists.

In GoodTask, you can almost always assume it’s a setting :slight_smile:

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Hi @jravel, thanks for the feedback. It can be done as @BoEast said.

You may edit 'Task Display'.

Check below video for details. Attachments and Links are added at the bottom.