Apple Watch complication to show the overdue task instead of next task?


I like to use the GoodTask complication on my watch.

Let’s say I have two tasks today. Since the complication on the new watch faces only show 1 task, I use due times so that the watch starts with showing the task I want to do first in the day.

Task A: 9am
Task B: 3pm

Problem is, when the time is 9:01am, the complication shows Task B. Even though I most likely still want to do Task A. This means that after 9:01am, Task A will be “out of sight out of mind”

So instead of always showing the next task, is it possible, or will it be possible in future update, to instead show the most overdue task?


:+1:t3: I could see the option to display tasks like "Things" does in their complication by order would be nice. So calendar events would drop off after they're over, but tasks would stay until they are marked completed, or moved down the list.


Thanks for the feedback.

You can go into - Settings - Apple Watch and change 'Order' to 'App'.

This will change the order of complications to show tasks according to the order of the app. If you have set the list on the watch to follow today's task, it'll show you one by one from the top.

Since calendar events go away from the list, if it's on top, it'll go away as it passes by.



Nice! Good to know. :blush: