Apple Watch doesn’t show all calendar events

I love GoodTask but, since the last update, some calendar events are not appearing in my Apple Watch. Strangely, only some are missing, not all of them. I’ve tried to uninstall/reinstall it, and to restart both the iPhone and the watch. What’s worse, the missing events are also missing in the date complication. What can I do?

Hi @Agosto, thanks for using GoodTask.

Would you check how it shows on same list and view you selected on Apple Watch on your iPhone?

Also check default Calendars app on Apple Watch to see if events are properly shown there.


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Hi, and thanks for your help!
This is Tuesday in my iPhone:

and this is in my watch: image

As you see, only one calendar event is showing in the watch. And, whenever GoodTask “deletes” events in the watch, they also disappear from the standard calendar.

Thanks for the info. What do you mean by ‘delete’ and standard calendar?

Hi there! I’m facing this problem as well. I can see the calendar events on my phone but it’s not syncing to the watch. It was fine last week though, any idea how I can resolve this? Thanks!

Here’s the screenshot of my phone app

Here’s what’s showing on my watch. I’ve selected “all lists - today”

Hi @tchean, do you see events in default Calendars app on the watch?

Yes I am able to see it!

Is it not showing on complication only or inside the app too? Would you check with a test task added if it’s empty?

Events doesn’t show within the app too. Reminders appear normally

On the app:

Hmm, even though it seems like a different list, I assume it should be same.

First on Apple watch, try changing list to some other list and views and see if there is any changes.

If not, try changing list details in iPhone and go out to make it sync with the watch. Refreshing data in watch may fix the issue.

It seems like there is multiple possibilities that could cause the issue. If you can break it down, it would be helpful to fix it.

  • Is this issue specific to particular smart list? If so, do you have any filters (or specific calendars option) set for this list?
  • Does the hidden calendar event happen for particular calendar only or does it not show for all calendars?


I’ve finally resolved the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling on the watch. I think the problem might have started because I changed the colours of my calendars on both iCloud and Google calendars.

Anyway just in case anyone else faces this problem, try reinstalling! (Turning Apple Watch off and on doesn’t work by the way)

To developer: thanks for your help and great app :+1:t2:

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