Apple Watch doesn't show any task


Hi there,

I came across GoodTask through setapp and directly bought the iOS version as it is really cool. And handy. And powerful.

BUT it doesn't work with my watch. Apple watch shows a count of zero tasks. doesn't mind which list I take.

In reminders I can see all my tasks on the watch. Was wondering if this could be because I use the iOS beta on my phone?

Anyone having an idea on how to fix that?


Hi @basinga, thanks for using GoodTask. Are you using iOS 13 beta and watchOS 6 beta?

Normally if you can see tasks in Reminders app on the watch, it should be shown on GoodTask too.


Hi, I’m on iOS 13 beta and watchOS5. Don’t have an invite for watch beta.


As far as I know, Reminders data doesn't sync between iOS 13 beta and watchOS 5. Does yours work well between the two with default Reminders app?


Yes. It does.
Mac is not getting reminders but it works fine with iOS and watchOS


Hmm, I guess you didn't upgrade the database on iOS 13? I haven't tested all the combinations for beta program so I can't assure you at the moment but if you can see the data in Reminders app, normally GoodTask should show it too.

Try changing the list (maybe to a basic Reminders list) and also try restarting the app. (Long press button under crown and then long press the crown while you're inside the app)


Don’t understand the thing with updating the database though.

I restarted the watch but it didn’t change the behavior. Might be working hopefully with release:)


Updating database is about the new features that iOS 13 Reminders app brought in. If you can use new features on iOS 13 Reminders app, database is upgraded.

This could be a beta thing so let's see how it goes.

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Thanks for adding me to test flight. It's working with the newest test version.