Apple watch - Question about adding a task



I have 2 questions about adding a task on good task using the apple watch.

Firstly, I know you can add a task using the ''+'' sign inside the app on the apple watch.
However, is there a way to add a task directly from the siri watch face without passing by the app.

Secondly, it is said that the apple watch support 2 types of text snippet (see figure #1)

I would like to know what is meant by ''space between time''. Can I add a task with a precise date, let's say 08/10? or can I say ''in 2 days'' / ''tomorrow'' / ''in a week''! ?

Thank you!


Hi @Edam_Gelinas, thanks for using GoodTask.

  1. You need to use the app to add a task directly from GoodTask. But since GoodTask shares data with default Reminders app, you can use Siri or other methods to add data into Reminders database which can be used in GoodTask. You can use Siri to add a task via Reminders with 'Remind me at ** to **'.

  2. Adding on GoodTask follows 'Text snippet' rules which can be set on iPhone app. It's not natural language parsing but simply changing text to some value. You can see what you're using on 'Settings - New Task - Text Snippets'. Space between time is something like '9:41 AM' rather than '9:41AM'.

If you have text snippets turned on for date format MM/DD, 8/10 will be changed to August 10th. Also things like '2 days', 'tomorrow', .. can be added with any words you like with '+N Days' option.