Apple Watch Shows No Reminders


The only thing I can do with GoodTask on my Apple Watch is add reminders. It does not show any of my current or future reminders. I’ve installed, uninstalled, reset my watch, all to no avail. Any and all suggestions appreciated!


Hi Maryellen, thanks for using GoodTask.

  1. Open Reminders app on Apple Watch and check if it has proper same data with iPhone.

  2. On the left status view on GoodTask Apple Watch app, you can tap button at the bottom to change lists. It normally shows 'Favorites' on your iPhone and 'All Lists' at the bottom. Check if it matches with 'Favorites' on your iPhone. You can check your favorites on iPhone on 'Settings - Favorites' or by tapping Smart Button (circle button with star on bottom right) inside the app.

If you have it all properly set but data doesn't show, try restarting the Apple Watch app. You can do it by long pressing the button under the crown while you're inside the app and then long press the crown . This will force quit the app. Try opening the app after that.

Thanks! :smile:


I've been having weird things happening on mine also until I restarted my Apple Watch. Have to remember that GoodTask only works as well data wise as what's in the Reminders app. A Restart of the Apple Watch did wonders!


I have an extra Favorite on my Watch which is not on my iPhone. I went so far as to unpair my watch and set it up as new after first deleting the app from my iPhone.

Any tips on how to actually sync the Favorites as the extra list may be messing up the Watch app.



To add to the situation, calendar events show up on my GoodTask watch up but not a single reminder.


Hi @Maryellen_Walter, do you have any MDM profile installed on your device? This may cause behavior like this.

About favorites, you have one more 'All Lists' at the bottom on Apple Watch which will let you choose any list/view that's not in favorites. Normally when you edit favorites or options in 'Settings - Apple Watch', it'll try to sync the settings between iPhone and the watch.



Hi - I DO have an MDM profile on my device but it does not impact Things3 (reminders or calendar) nor does it impact the calendar events on GoodTask on my watch. Any new Favorites that I create on the app do not sync to the watch.

Rather frustrating!


There are lots of unexpected results on devices using MDM profile. I assume that if you delete the profile, it'll show you all the data properly.

I really don't like how Apple handles MDM profile and asked them to improve related things.

If you need MDM profile, you may need to ask IT administrator on your company to white list the GoodTask app. :disappointed_relieved: